research team

Ph.D. Students:

  • Narendra Nanal

  • Chen Shen

  • Issac Bannerman

  • Maile Juarez

Masters Students:

  • Edmund Boateng

Undergraduate Students:

  • Kevin Zhu


  • fluid-structure-acoustic simulations of vocal folds vibration

  • red blood cell transport in microcirculation

  • angioplasty stent deployment

  • in-stent restenosis and tissue remodeling

  • soft bio-tissue mechanics

  • left atrial appendage and atrial fibrillation

  • trachael-broncho-malicia disease surgical treatments

  • virtual one-lung-ventilation simulator


OpenIFEM project is an open-source software that our lab has developed based on a modified formulation of the immersed finite element method (IFEM) to simulate fluid-structure interactions and multiphysics coupling. It is modularly built and is highly adaptable. We welcome you to use and contribute to our project.

multiphysics/multiscale coupling and applications

  • fluid-structure interactions: biomechanics, topology optimization, shock-induced structural damage, additive manufacturing

  • near field - far field solution (FEM/VPM) coupling: flow and vortical analysis of rotorcraft on a shipdeck

  • fluid-structure-acoustics interactions: voice disorders; noise reduction of MAVs

  • multiphase (gas-liquid) interactions: thermal hydraulics

  • gas-liquid-deformable solid interactions: melting/solidification

data science in mechanics

  • uncertainty quantification

  • Bayesian optimization and parameter calibration

  • machine learning

  • surrogate modeling

multiscale interfacial mechanisms

  • nanoscale slipping mechanism

  • superhydrophobicity on nanoscale patterned surfaces

  • FEM-MD coupling